Writing standards at school have continued to go from strength to strength. We have had a great push on ‘grammar’ across the school, which has been reflected in the children’s books and also last years KS2 SATs results, where 90% of children gained a pass in GPS and 85% in writing.

 In each class we cover a range of genres (fiction, non-fiction and poetry). We have used ‘Pie Corbetts’ style of teaching to support our children’s learning.

 At the moment, we are trying to focus more on using these skills more in the cross curriculum – children applying the genres they have been taught in their topic, science and RE books.

 We are continuing to push standards of handwriting across the school, and would like to remind parents of the importance of correct letter formation from Reception.

 letter formation

New Curriculum:

September 2014 was an exciting time at Cromwell, with the introduction of the ‘New Curriculum’. The team of staff at school worked hard on writing an exciting new curriculum for the children, which will not only raise standards, but will engage the children more. We focus more on poetry across all year groups – especially children reciting poems and performing them. The children are also involved in more debates and discussions across the school. This helps develop the children’s skills in performance and confidence in public speaking. The success of the Drama we have had in each class has already been a great success in promoting confident speaking. In Upper KS2, we will be encouraging the children to make their own choices about their learning in writing, deciding which genre would be most appropriate for each task.


This will be an exciting time for all teachers and children!

Medium term plans for writing

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School spellings

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